The essence of the brand

FEYO is an independent fashion brand, founded to be of the world was thought and designed to the most intimate detail . Creating timeless, easy-to-wear garments, the brand's distinctive interpretation of the all street, Californian skater culture expression has become an emblem of contemporary culture. Paying homage to different cultures through high quality materials.

The brand

FEYO wants to start a revolution when it comes to luxury streetwear, being at the level of the world's biggest brands, but with a larger audience able to communicate with different genders and cultures.

FEYO's first models stand out for their timelessness, yet always managing to look modern, taking inspiration from the most diverse youth of street-style.

Since the beginning, FEYO has focused on creating everyday clothes with a touch of sophistication and a free spirit: everything is thought out, from color to modeling, without ever leaving emotions behind .

The brand nurtures its inspiration in hip-hop giving space to wall street, Californian skater culture, varsity jackets, and classic jeans.